Wednesday, January 30, 2013

DIY Toddler blanket / Game

Hi there Bloglanders

Halfway through the week!! Tomorrow Wernich is leaving and the wedding dress is actually starting to look like one. Tomorrow I'll share a work in progress pic.

Today I'm sharing a very, very old project. Actually, 21 years old!! I've been sorting, purging and re arranging my whole house as only Wynand and I will be the only ones living here in future and the stuff that the boys won't need / want is going to good homes ASAP - "Live Light".

My project is sort of a quilt that Pieter and I made when he was only 5 years old:

I did the blocks, numbers, snakes and ladders with a permanent laundry marker and he colored them with fabric paint. Not very neat but that's part of the charm. I used plain sheeting to paint on, some batting in the middle. printed material at the back and some bright yellow fabric to finish off the edges.

We used to take this mini quilt everywhere we went as it was used to play on (snakes and ladders as well as with Lego or other toys) and when Pieter wanted to have a nap or something to use as a pillow in the car, out it came. Through the years the colors have faded as it has been washed numerous times but that makes it even more personal to me.  

And for those of you who were wondering - this one is a keeper!!  Currently I use it as wall decor in my spare bedroom and it will surely be used for my grandchildren. Can't wait.

And a close up:

What I love as well is that I wrote our names at the bottom of the quilt and the date when it was made.  I love the idea of my grandchildren asking "grandma, did you and dad make this all by yourseves?" I'm getting all soppy again - thinking about the boys growing up so fast and having lives of their own.  I'll just fill the space with some happy, creative ideas and in future with grandchildren!

Oh, I nearly forgot!  The names and date:

Thanks for joining me on my trip down memory lane. Have a great Wednesday and please come back to play as I'll be sharing some more creativity right here on Play as U Go.

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