Thursday, January 17, 2013

Emergency Kit Bag

Good morning Bloglanders

I hope you are having a Thunderous Thursday. Today I'm here to share my Emergency Kit for my handbag.

Here it is:

For the past 25 years (since I had my son) I stocked my handbag with some emergency supplies - headache pills, tissues, a comb, plaster, nail file, lip balm, eye drops, etc - you know the drill? They have always been in plastic bags but the idea to make a custom bag has always been there. And this week I did it!

This is what the inside looks like:

Can't believe I've been sorting through an unorganized handbag for 25 years and  solved the problem in half an hour!

My husband says I'm ready for the old age home now -" if you have a separate bag for your pills - it is time to go" but what he didn't say that he was the first to ask for my "emergency bag" as he couldn't find eye drops anywhere.  I've made some more for those of you who need to sort things out - it is in my Etsy  shop. Just click here to get one. Supplies are limited but if  they are done or you want one in a specific color, please contact me. I'll be making ones with red crosses as well - just keep looking.

"My emergency kit bag" would also be great to slip into your child's school bag for emergency supplies - phone card / money / extra pen / pencil / tissues / plaster, etc.

That's it from me - have a great day! Thanks for looking at my blog and please come back to play.


  1. Love it! Think I need one of those x

  2. Sal vir jou ene maak - spesiaal vir Desember se verjaarsdag wat ons nog moet vier!