Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year's Resolutions Mini Book

Hi there Bloglanders

As promised - my New Year's Resolutions Mini Book:

I do my resolutions in categories - me, family, home, friends and work.  For each of these I choose where I want to improve. Every week I make a list in my dairy where I plan something small towards my goals.  Like this:

At least if I don't achieve them all, I can look back and see 52 small things that have been done. For this page in my diary, I used the offcuts from my Christmas wreath and just sewed it directly onto the page like a pocket. You can even slip a little note into the "fabric bag".  I used the same idea on one of the inside pages of my mini book:

And the other side:

Every year I also choose a word to live by and as I couldn't decided on one for 2013 - I chose 4. No rules for New Year's resolutions in the life of IMPERFECT ME. Want to see some more of the inside pages?

This mini book is rather small and I will be adding it to my New Year's Eve layout - I don't have a lot of pictures as I fell asleep long before midnight. Welcome to the life of IMPERFECT ME! So, you will be seeing it again right here on Play as U Go.

Have a great day and please come back to play as I've got lots of crafting fun to share with you.

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