Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Meet the family

Hi there Bloglanders

As promised - Me and my family:
Me and Wynand in the middle, Wernich and his girlfriend Chandre on the left and Pieter and his princess  (Lizahn) on the right. Normally I don't talk that much about them, but as the last one is leaving home next week, I'm sure all that will change as I'm going to miss the buzz at home. Most of the time I'm very busy as I work part time for the family business and the rest of the day I spend crafting and enjoying my house and town. Never a dull moment around here!

Wernich is leaving to study towards a masters degree in architecture, Chandre is a secretary, Pieter is in his final year of computer science and the Princess is an interior designer. Now you know!

Thanks for reading my blog and for being one of my Blogland friends. I'll be back tomorrow to share another of my Art Journaling projects. I'm starting to enjoy them!

That's it from me. Please come back to play.


  1. Beautiful pic of you guys! Thinking of you with all the goodbyes x

  2. Love seeing this photo. So long's are so tough to bear, be strong.