Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Hybrid project - Jam labels

Good morning Bloglanders

My dining room table is still a mess as I'm not finished with Art Journaling (actually not giving up that easily).  I have finished the one I copied as I hate wasting stuff and today I'll be trying some Gesso (????). Never heard of it, never worked with it - today is the day!

In the meantime, I have been spending some time at my computer to get my backlog of work up to date but all work and no play makes IMPERFECT ME a dull girl.  I have whacked up a layout with pictures of my best friends but as I couldn't get a good one of Marilize, I had to save and close until I can find one / have one taken.  At least everything is done - journaling, the lot.

Still at my computer, I designed new labels for my apricot jam.  This is my husband's fave and I cook enough  to get him through the year as well as for gifts to friends and family. In total I made 64 jars - a staggering 16 litres of apricot jam! And this is what my  layout looks like:

I used dies from Spellbinders  to cut the circles and then glued it onto the lids of the jars. The digital papers and tag are from this "Season of change" freebie from Shannon NcNab (from Design House Digital):

Here is a close-up of the labels:

The same labels, just different dies and colors.

And my jam:

All this work has made me hungry - I'm off to have some toast (with apricot jam, of course!) and tea.  Have a great day and please come back to play.

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