Tuesday, January 29, 2013

January Fave's

Hallo Bloglanders

I hope you are having a Thunderous Tuesday.  The Hamman house is very, very busy as Wernich had his farewell party last night and we are all scattering around to get him to university.  It is more than 1000 kilometres (sorry, I don't know the miles and Wynand is away on business - I'll ask him and let you know ASAP). This means that he will have to drive the whole day on Thursday to get there in time for classes starting on Friday morning.

Well, he's a big boy and I'll have to be strong for him.  We had our first crying session last night when he thanked us for what we have done for him and for our love and support.  Already crying again as I'm typing out my post.  Well, that's life, I should be glad that I had both the boys (and girlfriends) around for the past 7 years since they left school.  I actually left home at 18 to go to university and never returned. My friend Sandra says if you miss your child, you should call your mum!! Mine will be getting a lot of calls in the near future.

Since I stared "MY LIFE MY WAY" I wanted to include a monthly page with favorite stuff - family / house and garden / craft / eat /  wear etc.  And here is my first attempt:

Also my first go at a Becky Higgins page protector.  You have to have your wits about you and I haven't even started to cut up pictures to divide between the pockets.  What I did like is that I printed all my little pictures on one 4x6 photo.  That saves a lot.  Also, I used the box of journaling cards (they came with the kit) to fill out when I had some extra time on hand and when they were all done, I just had to fit them into the pockets.

I used a very, very old paper pack from Creative Memories (about 2006!) as my 2013 buzz phrase is "LIVE LIGHT".  Everything that I've got, will be used before I spurge out on some more goodies. I don't plan to do my "NOW" in this format every month - if I don't have time, it will just be typed out and printed 6x4 to go into my album.  No pressure. If I have lots of time (whenever that will be), I'll do it in art journaling format.

And did you notice the art journaling tag that I made out of the offcuts of my previous failed attempt?

Re use, recycle and re purpose - LIVE LIGHT! 

That's it from me.  I'm glad you joined me today. Please come back to play as I'll be sharing some more crafting fun right here on my little blog.

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