Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Mini Book / Card

Good morning Bloglanders

Welcome to my mini Monday post.  Yes, I know it's Tuesday but I'm trying to get into a system of posting a mini book / layout on a Monday and as I haven't done that yesterday, I'm here to share it today. IMPERFECT ME!

You still remember that I'm  borrowing my neighbour's cat since mine died??? Well, she is actually a little girl called Maya and as her cat is bringing me so much joy, I decided to make a little card for her with pictures of "our cat".  Of course I did one for myself as well and as it's 3x4 it fits perfectly into my MY LIFE MY WAY album. Here it is:

I actually folded one 6x4 page in half and glued my goodies to the front, back and inside pages. To the front I added some lace left over from the brooch I made earlier this week, a felt die cut and a brad.  As everything is layered so much, the card stands up very well. Perfect to put in front of your bed / on your desk.

Front, inside and back standing up:

And look who came over to see if it is good enough to give to Maya:

Oh, I just love cats!! Well, that's it from me for the day. Please check back tomorrow as I'll be sharing some more of the projects on my craft desk right here with you on Play as U Go.  Thanks for your visit.

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