Thursday, January 31, 2013

Time for Love

Hi there Bloglanders

And so he left at 5am and will be in Bloemfontein at about 3pm.  Enough said.

As Wynand and I will be alone this Valentine's day, I have decided to do some little treats  for me / us in anticipation of the big day.  I have used these little red tins before and it's up on the blackboard in my kitchen once again to start the countdown.

I bought them from a chain store. They stocked 3 variants and I decided to use plain ones for the numbers 1-13 and a different one for the BIG DAY.  I also added an extra one for "administrative purposes" to the bottom right hand corner. (please be patient - all will be revealed!) To the back of each tin, I added magnets and the numbers were printed and cut with my circle punch. Even they have magnets as I use the tins for other purposes for the rest of the year and therefore didn't want any glue.

How it it going to work? Every day Wynand or me will choose a treat and we will do that.  Simple, cheap and something to look forward to. Once we have done them, I'll add them to my mini heart book hidden in the tin at the bottom.

By Valentine's day I'll have a mini book to remind me of  how we celebrated our first one alone after 25 years of raising children.  The power of positive thinking!

I'll come back to this post later today to reveal what we will be doing tomorrow.  Yes, #1 is lurking behind a closed lid and you can share if you check back.  BUT be warned, I'm going to delete it at midnight and you will miss out.

And now the peek has gone! For those of you who re-visited - Thank's SO MUCH.  I had the best blogging month EVER! Thanks so much for sharing in my crafting fun.

Have a great Thursday. See U soon!

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