Thursday, January 10, 2013

Scrap Swop

Hi there Bloglanders

For those of  you who think I've given up on the art journaling - no ways I'm still trying everything and will share once it's done.  In the meantime, I wanted to share with you something I've done more than a year ago. I haven't been blogging then and to tell you the truth, I totally forgot about it.  Yesterday, while browsing Pinterest one of my projects came up (somebody else blogged about it!) and I wanted to include it in my blog posts as well.

During 2011 Monika (a la iloveitall) organized an international scrap swop.  The idea was to link up with a partner from another country and swop some crafting goodies. This is how I met Mylene.  She's from France and can't understand Afrikaans (she wrote all may letters in French) so I'm not so sure she knows English that well either.  Doesn't really matter as we shared one big love - craft and our friend Google Translate did the rest.

So I sent off my package. It consisted of  2 mini packs of 6x6 papers and embellishments.(I actually cut 12x12 papers to size as I couldn't find anything smaller)  I tried to keep it local but that was a HUGE problem. I could only find one supplier of scrapbook paper (if you know of more, PLEASE let me know).

This is what they looked like before I wrapped them:

As I knew Mylene was crafty but did not know her exact taste, I went with a more African country garden pack and to market my beautiful Sunny South Africa with the other one in an African theme.

I wrapped them in unprinted tissue paper and added a bit of zing with labels and ribbon:

This one has a flower I made myself out of recycled goodies, ribbon, a belly band out of scrapbook paper from Fab Scraps and my signature tag.

A die cut out of old book paper, a stamped South African postmark, a handmade flag made out of beads and once again - my signature tag. You can buy the flags everywhere on our streets.  The locals make them and sell them to earn a small income to support (usually) extended families. 

I have a few pressies waiting to be mailed off and looking at Mylene's pictures inspired me to go out and buy some more flags and send them off  looking as inviting as these. All these pictures were taken by Mylene and I hope she doesn't mind that I used them but IMPERFECT ME totally forgot to photograph them before they were mailed off.

I really enjoyed this Scrap Swop and think we should organize something like this worldwide once a year.  It is great to know that scrapping is a universal "language".

Before I go - this is what the package looked like upon arrival in France:

Perfect page for art journaling - don't you think!

I'm off to find some colourful packaging to use in my projects.  Please come back to play and maybe we should start that yearly scrap swop - who's game?

Have a great Thursday and please come back to play.

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