Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Around Blogland

Good morning Bloglanders

This week is our local craft fair so, if you don't see me around Blogland, I'll be there. Last month I told you that I had a Bumper Blog month and this one is once again going to exceed my wildest dreams and expectations.  What really makes me happy that some of my stuff gets mentioned on other blogs. Here are a few that I picked up over the last few weeks:

The Twinery with my fall inspiration:

Crafts with Jars with Mason Jar Halloween Favors:

And for Thanksgiving:

From Tanya Batrak my homemade embellishments:

This post is to you for reading my blog, leaving comments and linking up my projects.  I blog because I love to share what I do and it makes it worth my while if I know that that you like what I do.  A HUGE "thank you" to all of youl!!

Back to the craft fair for me!! Have a great day and please come back to play.


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