Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Craft Fair 2013 - Use your scraps

Hi there Bloglanders

Yes, I know that I have not been up to my blogging self. With the craft fair, lots of work in the office and both the boys all over the place, I'm just very, very busy.  I promised to show a collage of the craft fair and here it is:

Once again, I've recycled what I had on hand to pack my home made goodies.  Lots of recycled book pages, white office paper, gift wrap, scraps and even tins from the pantry. I simply packed everything in cellophane bags, folded the edges over and finished it off with die cut scraps.  They look adorable and are selling super fast.  You will see that I have my famous Hertzoggies, my Cappuccino 4 one, Hot chocolate 4 one and cookies in a tin on sale.

The fair will be going until Saturday which means some more baking and packing for me. Also, I'm picking up apricots fresh from the farm tomorrow and will start on my yearly jam cooking on Friday. Of course, I'll add a crafty twist ...................and of course I'll share with you!! (the pics, not the jam - IMPERFECT ME!)

There you have it - use what you've got even if you sell it - home made is the flavour of the month on Sunny SA craft fairs. Thanks for looking at my blog today and please come back to play as I have lots more to share right here.

Have a wonderful crafty day!

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