Monday, October 6, 2014

Sunday Summary Week 40

Hello Bloglanders

And I'm back with another week in review. First of all - we went camping in Montagu and this was lunch on Saturday!!!

And I kept myself busy. Since I started Wilna's course over at Big Picture classes I haven't had the time to do the painting projects. So, I packed everything and used the time out of doors to be creative and finish some painting.

I love Wilna's course. Great video's, lots of free files AND her stuff is gorgeous. 

And the last of the metric dance dresses:

I'll show pictures of Cara wearing THE red dress once I get them.  And after cleaning up my sewing desk I had about a metre of the cream fabric left (used as lining here and here) so, I made a little informal dress. Next year she is going to university and will wear little dresses like this on most occasions. Students tend to under dress in comparison to metric farewells.

Can you believe it's all the same fabric??? Waste not, want not. 

And in transit to Montagu I was fortunate enough to have an few hours to visit my Robertson BBF, Anel.  I always try to give something homemade to her but this time I just didn't get to it and this was plan B:

At some stage we couldn't get Sweetie Pies down under in Sunny SA and as they are her fave choccies, I bought a stash..

On that sweet note, I have to say goodbye. Have a great week and thanks for looking at my blog. I'll be back to share some more crafting fun right here on Play as U Go. Just check back.

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