Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Take Along Art / Craft Bag - Part 2

Hallo Bloglanders

And I'm back with the second part of my Art / Craft bag.  If you missed the first part, just scroll down or click here.  Hurry and catch up - you are going to have SO much fun sewing along.

It's a great idea to slip your paintbrushes under some elastic as it keeps them right where they should be. You can even hang your bag and they will stay put!!

And this is how I did it:

Draw a line down the middle of your "Puffy" bag.  (I'll be showing how I made it tomorrow) I used pencil as the elastic is going to cover my markings.

Pin the elastic over the items you want to keep on the outside of your "Puffy Pocket".

Remove the items.



As easy as that.  As promised, I'll be back tomorrow with the "Puffy Pocket"  Thanks for sewing with me today.

And for my non sewing friends I brought some more Halloween inspiration.  Just click on the links beneath the pictures and you will be redirected to the post that explains how I did it.

                  LINK                                              LINK                                            LINK
        Haunted House Bag                           BOO Babes                                 Spider pillow packs
Thanks for looking at my blog. Have fun and remember to try something new - TODAY!!

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