Sunday, October 26, 2014

Sunday Summary Week 43

Happy Sunday to you all!!

Can you believe it's less than 10 weeks to 2015?? I have SO much still to do!!

OK, let's not get into that. This week I didn't craft that much and I don't know why. As the builders are working on converting part of our house to a flatlet for Wernich, I've been cleaning, running around, fetching stuff and deciding on tiles, paint and bathroom accessories.

Right now it's a mess but I'll show once it's done.  Even my OLD garden bench is getting a makeover. I've painted it purple and I loved the colour but after 10 years in the African sun, the paint started peeling away and as we had to repaint. I stripped it down to the original wood.

My father bought it second hand when I was very small. It has been painted brown, yellow, green (2 variants), blue, red, and purple.  My mum did the yellow and blue and YES .................... I did the purple. Wynand jokingly said he's going to paint it orange as he has some leftover paint. Little did we know that it was the only colour still outstanding. BUT it's my bench and it's going to be purple again. No orange in my garden except for flowers.

Talking about my garden. Last week I showed me white Amaryllis lilies and this week my red ones opened up.

And the "hanging bow" our Princess ordered .............................

On the left it's on my dressmaking dummy, middle, my inspiration and on the right - our Princess en route to her party.

And I just remembered what kept me so busy .........................

I was lucky enough to receive a fabric ink kit from Silhouette and decided to make a Watercolour art bag to store all my goodies and also to have it packed and ready to take along on trips. It will be on the Craft Storage Ideas Blog this week and once it's up I'll show right here on Play as U GO how to make it.

Get your leftover fabric out and "sew along" this week. It's going to be fun and I'll give you all the inside info. I specifically made the bag 35 x 35 cm as it's big enough to become a scrapping bag as well. SO, even if you don't do watercolour, this is the perfect scrapping bag 4 U / craft bag to keep your kiddo's entertained.  

I'm also making a miniature version with a twist.  GREAT idea for Christmas pressies!!

Talking about Christmas, it's time to get started on cards, tags and handmade pressies. It's going to be on my "to do" list THIS WEEK. I hope you will be joining me and sew / play along.

Thanks for visiting my blog today. I'll be back tomorrow with the first part of my "TAKE ALONG ART / CRAFT BAG".  In the meantime, have fun and remember to try something new. 

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