Thursday, October 2, 2014

Sewing, Sewing and some more SEWING!!

Good morning Bloglanders

You all know that I've been sewing away this year. I think 2014 will always be remembered as THE year of the dresses.  First up "my" bridesmaids:

(Pic ex Moira West Photography)

All different shapes and sizes and they looked fabulous.

And I couldn't resist to show this one:

                                                          (Pic ex Moira West Photography)

On to the metric farewells. I do love this "vintage style" dress that Cara wore to hers:

And Mauneen did the long, slim and sexy:

For a home sewer these last two dresses have been BIG challenges but I'm rather proud that I kept at it and it turned out wonderful. True to my 2014 promise to myself - I've tried something new and got the pic's to show that I've conquered!!

We received the wedding pictures yesterday. Next week I'll put some of my favorites up for you to see. I do love this one of the groomsmen with my two beautiful boys in the middle:

(Pic ex Moira West Photograph)

This picture really makes me tear up as I can't believe that Pieter and Wernich have been best friends for the past 12 + years and never once in all that time did they quarrel.  I'm rather proud of Pieter for sharing his home, his parents and his worldly possessions with Wernich - don't think I would have adapted that easily from being an only child to sibling rivalry.

These groomsmen came from every facet of Pieter's life. One even went to play school with him when they were only 3 years old!!

That's it. I'm off to get packing for a camping trip!!! Thanks for looking at my blog today and sharing my pride and joy.

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