Friday, October 31, 2014

Take Along Art / Craft Bag - Part 4

Hello Bloglanders

I'm running a bit behind schedule but that's how it works down under in Sunny SA. Our ADSL doesn't live up to expectations on month-ends BUT finally, I'm here to share the last part of my Take Along Art / Craft Bag.

How to add the "Puffy Pocket":

The secret is to sew the bottom seam first, then measure and add the Velcro to the Puffy Pocket and inside of the bag and only THEN pin and stitch the side seams.

I've added Velcro to these places. You can add more / omit some:

Now finish off your bag:

In my last picture you can see the pocket that forms between the front and back panels of the bag. I added heavy cardstock to these "pockets" as well as to the bag's spine.  In here, I fit my scrapbook paper. Perfect size and due to the sturdiness, it wouldn't bend.

And finally, My finished bag.  If you missed the post on the Craft Storage Ideas blog, just click here to be redirected.  I shared my tips and tricks on decorating the bag with Fabric Inc over there.

And that concludes my DIY Take Along Art / Craft Bag.  I'll be back over the weekend to share my kiddies version.  Perfect and just in time for Xmas.

I'm off to do some more crafting. Thanks for looking at my blog and see U again SOON.

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