Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Sunday Summary Week 42

Good morning Bloglanders

YES!!! I know - It's Tuesday but I still want to recap on what happened the past week. My Sunday Summaries became my Project Life of sorts and by no means do I want to miss out on one. During August I made a layout that said "Weird August". Then I listed all the funny and not-so-funny things that happened.

Just a few:
My appendix had to be removed and I spent a week in hospital.
Wernich's long term relationship ended after more than 10 years.
Princess lost her engagement ring.
THE wedding.

Now it seems that 2014 is altogether weird. My mum got diagnosed with cancer last week - she survived breast cancer, a heart attack and numerous other ailments over the past 20 years but now she is 76 years old and weighs about 50kgs.  Not good. Fortunately she has all her children nearby as well as a doting husband - seems to be all she wants.

Now for some crafting news.  I had to clean and clear two rooms in my house.  It's going to be converted into a flat for Wernich who is returning home next month. This is what the bathroom currently looks like:

Somewhere beneath all the junk is a whole bath, basin and toilet!

Downsizing is no easy task - especially if you are a crafter and hoarder like me but over the next few months I'll be turning my home (what's left of it) into a super efficient living and storage space for Wynand and me. And of course - I'll share with you!!

Let's start with my cube. It's shop bought and I inherited it from our Princess.  She is an interior designer and black is her fave colour so the cube was a very faded and stained black velvet.  I love purple and washed out blues but I do want to tone down my "smaller" space so I opted for a cream cover.

It is loose which means that I can take it off to wash. I added pockets to the sides as I always have stuff  lying around.  A magazine, the TV remotes, a craft product that I want to look at. You name it, it now fits neatly into the pockets. I did take "work in progress" pictures and will share it later this week - super easy DIY!!

My husband's solution for every crisis - some time out of doors!!

We also spent a wonderful evening with friends in Cape Town - this is the view we woke up to the next morning:
 From their apartment you can see the larger than life Cape Town soccer stadium, the waterfront and Robben Island - Awesome!

And I joined another of Wilna's classes. There is some calm in watching her paint away that I need right now. It also inspires me to try new techniques. Yesterday I did Lesson 1 - Stencils and this is what I did with my knowledge:

Weird colour combo??? My inspiration came from the SimonSaysStamp Wednesday blog -


and I enjoyed every second working with it!!! I still have to add some journaling and I'm going to try my hand at Wilna's  famous ink spatters. Wish me luck!

And last but not least - a pic of my Amaryllis lilies. They are totally beautiful and I took this pic on my iphone to send to my mum.  As she is visiting my sister, 800 kilometres away and I can't bring her flowers, I thought I'll send her a picture instead.

That's it. I'm off to practise my ink splatters!! Thanks for looking at my blog today and please come back to play as I have lots more to share right here on Play as U Go. Have fun and see U soon!

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