Thursday, September 20, 2012

Get Real

Good morning Bloglanders

Just one more day before the weekend and for my fellow South Africans - a long weekend!! (Hiep Hiep Hooray). I have cleaned up my table after my encounter with ink splatters (more like blobs) and my nails are only charcoal grey - not black any more.  Anyway, I'm not so sure I'll be trying this again but I've cut all my artwork into pieces and you'll be seeing more of the ink blobs in my projects. (I'm far too stingy / sentimental to throw them away).

Today I want to show you a "layout" I did after I've seen Cathy Zielske's Big Idea: Get real.  Here it is:

Cathy's idea was to journal about things when they happen as it is important to keep your memories real.  She even supplied a template.  I have decided to keep the template on file and when something worthwhile happens, I'll fill it out, print it and include it in my scrapbook pages. Of course, I'll make it my own - I never just copy - I adapt! In my example I included two thumbnail pictures and inserted the wood grain backing. I'm still thinking about a suitable Afrikaans translation of "real life".
I'm really thinking about starting a  "project life" next year (or maybe earlier) but once again I want to think it through before I spill the beans here on the blog as mine won't be the conventional one. (what did you expect from me?). Also, "imperfect me" wouldn't cope with a year-long project for the rest of my life - we'll see.
I'm off to do the prep work for our camping weekend ahead. Have a great day and please check back as I'll be sharing more of my crafting fun right here on Play as U Go.

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