Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Imperfect me

Good morning Bloglanders

I've been crafting since early this morning!  Another first: I have tried to do some ink splatters for the SRV challenge of the month but either I don't know how to do it or it's just messy. Even my hands are black and I haven't even looked at my table yet.  Once I've cleaned everything (and myself) up, I'll show you what I've done.

Back to the Big Picture, Big Idea festival.  I can't believe how much you can learn about yourself just by thinking about new ideas. Challenge #4 was to scrap your goals and #13 about "imperfect me".  This ended up as a double page in my album as I started with my imperfections ("onperfekte ek" in Afrikaans) and from there made it my goals ("doel" in Afrikaans) to either change some or accept them. I know you don't like layouts, but I really enjoyed these.

Imperfect me:

And my goals to either accept / change my imperfections:

If I didn't join in the Big Ideas I don't think I would have done these layouts and I'm so glad I did.  I showed it to my son and he had such a laugh because he said it is so true.

Well, that's it from me.  Have a great Wednesday and please come back to play. I'm off to clean up the mess I've made!

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