Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Brad Storage in Muffin Tins

Good Morning Bloglanders

Oh, my sewing machine covers are to die for!! I have to go out of town for business but when I get back, I'll take a picture. I'm so impressed.

Today I want to show you what I did with the remainder of my Brad stash and a second hand find - muffin tins. I do have "a thing" about cake tins. Let me remind you - my mom loves to sew but she hates cooking and ........................... baking - not a word in her vocabulary.  So, I grew up wishing for cake tins - any shape and size - just cake tins because we didn't own any. Nothing ........ zilch! My good friends know about this and will always buy me cake tins and for a treat I hang out in places like The Baking Tin.  To me it is like a Scrapbook shop - I just love it.

So, I found a whole stack of muffin tins at a garage sale and decided to store my brads (that are not being used) in it. They are bright and colorful and I'll be using them ASAP. Watch out for my next layout. I use them for other things as well but that's a story for another day - back to the muffin tins.

This is what it looks like:

I've used my Spellbinders circle die to cut circles out of self adhesive magnetic sheets, adhered it to the bottom of my tins and added the brads. OK, I sorted them first.(of course you can just trace a circle and cut  by hand - I just love to die cut)  Now you can turn the tin upside down and they will not fall out. I would love to hang them against the wall as I love color AND baking tins BUT there just aren't any wall space up for grabs in my Craft Closet so I fitted them into PVC covers that stack on my shelves. I know the pic of the containers looks horrible but I forgot to take that picture and then had to do it with next to no natural lighting.

I still think they would look good against the wall ................................... we'll see about that.  At least I have another thing sorted and ticked off my "to do" list.

I'm off to Robertson. Thanks for visiting my blog and please come back to see what I have to share with you next.

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