Thursday, May 23, 2013

Craft Closet - A Desk with a story

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I hope you are having a Thunderous Thursday!  Today all will be revealed about my Craft Closet over at Craft Storage Ideas. If you want to see - please click here. As promised - today I'm sharing my "desk story".

Can you believe that I actually have two of them in my very small Craft Closet!  One for "crafting" and the other one for my sewing. Ta-da!!!

My husband originally made them as changing tables for Pieter's nursery many, many moons ago.  Then they became desks in Wynand's home office and now they they are all mine.  This is what they looked like before they got the "ice cream treatment".

What I love about my desks are that Wynand added shelves underneath. On these I keep my current sewing project as well as a craft project and my week's PL page.  When I work on them, I take it out and then it goes back - my desk stays clear of clutter and always ready for something new. Also, when I have a few moments to spare, I have something at hand to do. For me, gathering all the goodies, takes up most of my crafting time - this way I get that done first and then sit back and craft on when I get the time.

I've added a funky green arrow to show you where the shelves are:

And my pride and joy - my "desk bags".  I've made them about 5 years ago and they really, really work.  All the odd shaped items go in here as well as the ones you need to reach for while crafting but don't want on top of your desk. It is sort of sewing on the one side and paper crafting on the other. I think I'll do a desk bag tutorial some time - I used the same principal on the trolley covers that I've made. The fabric is ordinary, white sheeting - I take them off and wash them in my washing machine.  They have Velcro on top and I've put Velcro on the underside of my desk's "overhang" with a staple gun. You wouldn't believe how heavy they are. Between the desk bag and the actual desk, goes my cutting mats - I never know where to put them - perfect solution!

In these pictures you can also see that I put a cover over my craft desk.  I've used white sheeting for this as well and it works like a fitted sheet.  After having to scrub away glue from my desktop many, many times, I came upon this brilliant idea.  I have two and if they are dirty, I just wash them in the washing machine. Most glue, paint and even ink wash out and even if it sticks, I'd rather have it on the cover and not on the desk.  I've had my cover for the past 2 years and as you can see they still look relatively neat and my desktop is perfectly clean and glue free.

That's it!  Thank you for visiting my Blog and for reading my post over at Craft Storage Ideas. Please come back to play as I have lots and lots more to share right here on Play as U Go.

If you have missed some of the Craft Closet posts - there is a (small) link just under the Play as U Go logo on top of my post or you can just click here to be redirected.

Have a wonderful day! 

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