Thursday, May 2, 2013

Storage Boxes

Good morning Bloglanders

Yesterday we had a public holiday in Sunny SA and I spent the day working on my house - painting, making curtains and thinking up some crafting fun.  I went through our paint stash and you can't believe how many left overs there is.  I decided right there and then that they will be USED. The lighter colors will become undercoats for other painting projects but the rest will be utilized as they are.

Some time ago I pinned these beautiful storage boxes:

According to the pin it comes from this website but I couldn't find it so I just kept the pic on my Pinterest board.

3 May 2013: My good friend Sandra sent over the link. You should see this!  Just click here.

It is totally adorable but I'm far too stingy to use my beautiful scrapbook papers to cover boxes so out came the leftover paint and this is what I have now:
And this was what the boxes looked like before the paint hid them:

I can't believe that I've had them like this for the past 5 years and just didn't go the extra mile to paint it.  It took me about 5 minutes to do and I totally love them. You can see that I've swopped the lids around - IMPERFECT ME!!

That's it from me. Thanks for visiting my Blog and please come back as I'll be sharing some more crafting fun right here.  I'm off to do some pretty labels for my newly painted boxes!  Have a great day!

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  1. Now that's a great turnaround, and so you with all those shades of purple!