Friday, May 10, 2013

Sewing Machine Dress-up Party

Hello Bloglanders

I told you so!! They are totally beautiful!!  New covers for my sewing machines. Not that they did not have covers before but they were not see through so one day I walked into my Craft Closet (what else can you call a craft room of 6 x 9 feet - I don't know if my calculations are correct but it is 2 x 2.5 in meters) and decided that my sewing machines are like my family and I would never let one of the boys walk around with a pillowcase over his head.

Project sewing machine covers was born. The fabric is some sort of a printed organza and it has been recycled (as always) from another window. The easiest way to explain to you how to do it, is:

Measure around the machine at its widest part, divide it by 2 and add 1 and a half inch (4cm) to your measurements. This is the width of your pattern piece.
Do the same over over the top of your machine. Leave the bottom. Divide by 2 and add 1 and a half inch (4cm) to your measurements. This is the height of your pattern piece.
Cut 2 and sew around two sides and the top. Now it will look like a pillowcase.
To give it some form, you put it over your machine (wrong side out) and fold in the top two corners, sew, cut off the access and you have a "boxed" cover.  
Seam the bottom.

I'll take some pictures and add it at a later stage. Leave a comment and I'll make sure that you know when I add it or just keep looking at my blog, I'll mention it in my daily posts as well.

Now, some background info.  As part of my job as contributor at Craft Storage Ideas, I get the opportunity to show my craft space.  Although mine is smaller than my bathroom, there is a lot going on.  I have decided to give some inside info right here on my blog and then, when I show pictures of my Craft Closet on 23 May at Craft Storage Ideas, you will have a better understanding of what works for me.(and how it works)  This I can tell you - I do things MY WAY.  No pillowcases for my family - they wear organza dresses! (not Wynand and the boys, of course!)

Another thing, you will see that both my machines are on some sort of a lazy suzan.  I got that years ago and it is a great idea as you need half the space and only one chair. Just whirl the machine you want to use to the front.  All the cables fit into some sort of grooves at the bottom of the lazy suzan which prevents them from getting mixed up.  I'm sure the rest of the world can buy this off the shelf somewhere but my mum gave mine to me many years ago and I haven't seen it anywhere since. Really, this works like a dream.

I hope you enjoyed sharing in my "machine dress-up party" and will come back to see what happens next in my Craft Closet.  Thank you for looking at my blog today. Have a Fabulous Friday and to all the mom's out there - Happy Mother's Day. May Sunday be a day filled with love and laughter from your loved ones.

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