Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Good day Bloglanders

It is a beautiful autumn day in Sunny South Africa with lots and lots of  sunshine and light pouring through my  windows.  I just want to sit there, read and share the beautiful day with my neighbor's cat curled up on my fave quilt.  So out came my camera to get some pictures of this perfect day.

I just love quilts and one of my aims in life is to have a dresser filled with them - not to use but to look at every day.  In reality I don't have a dresser and I don't own a lot of quilts (yet) but I'll get there. The one the cat uses in this picture was made and given to me by my good friend Francileen.  It is always on the couch of the sunroom and I snuggle up in it (OK, when the cat is not using it) to nap, read or watch TV. It's my security blanket.

But I can't just brag about my friend's abilities - I'm just showing hers to give you an idea of how homely a quilt makes me feel. Here are the two I made for my son's nursery 25 years ago.
I can't imagine where I got the time and patience to do it but I totally love them. Most of the fabric was recycled from other sewing projects and you can even see the little stitches done by hand for the quilting. I can still remember how I planned out every bit as I really didn't have money to go out and buy metres of imported quilting fabric. I use it in my spare bedroom nowadays and even though it has been in use for 25 years, it still looks homely, fresh and modern.

As I renovate my house room by room, I get to see, appreciate and use a lot of stuff that I normally don't even notice. I'm incorporating them into "My Blogland" as I think they tell a lot about the person I am.  Looking at these quilts through my camera's lens, inspired me to get some fabric out and start on a new quilt.  I'll do one block each month and even if it takes years, I'll have a family heirloom in the end. This one will get a 2013 twist and I plan to use it as a bedspread in my bedroom.  Of course, I'll share my progress right here on my blog.

That's it from me, I'm sewing some clothes for myself as we will be going on holiday soon and my wardrobe is a total disaster - I work from home and therefore tend to dress VERY casual. Right now everything is plain run down and I'm about to fix the situation ASAP. So, back to my sewing machine!

Thanks for visiting my blog. Please come back to play as I'll be back with some more crafting fun.  Have a Wacky Wednesday!

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