Thursday, May 9, 2013

Lovely Girl Art Journaling

Good morning Bloglanders

Once again it's a beautiful day in Sunny SA and the "world's biggest hybrid crafter" (that's me!!!) is back to share some crafting fun with you.  Why did I suddenly become the world's biggest hybrid crafter???  You know that I'm trying to sort out my house .......................... well, I have a lot of stuff and if you work in different mediums, you need some more stuff.  (that's my excuse to my husband) In short - I have more stuff because I'm the world's biggest hybrid crafter. That's it!

I had some painted fabric left over from another project.  Actually, it is from my Mother's Day file and there is a long story behind that one so we will share that at a later stage. First up - the painting of the fabric.  I mixed acrylic paint with water and painted and sprayed it onto fabric - that's it!! As I wanted a vintage feel - the colors were still too bright so I sprayed the whole "canvas" with some yellow fabric dye. (1 teaspoon dissolved into half a cup of boiling water, let it cool and put in a spray bottle). You have to let this dry thoroughly if you want to stamp on it like I did. After a few hours on the washing line, out came my stamps and ink. I think all the stamps that I've used are from MME and the ink is from StazOn.

Then I added a few pieces of leftover fabric and ribbon to my "canvas" and my project was finished.

Want to know how I did the die cuts?  I buy a product from my local fabric store that you use in applique. It irons onto the wrong side of the fabric, then I die cut my shape, peel back the backing paper and iron the shape onto my "canvas". No glue, no fuss.  For my hearts I've used a die from Spellbinders. Here it is in my beautiful, purple Art Journaling book:
And a close-up of my mini canvas:
Everything I've used came from my stash. And I found something out!  When I bought the black StazOn ink, I was told that I have to clean my stamps with a special stamp cleaner afterwards. So I bought that as well and its very, very, very expensive and a huge mess. So, this time I kept a wet cloth next to me on the craft bench and after I stamp, I wipe the ink off.  Works like a charm. My stamps look better than the ones cleaned with the stamp cleaner!

That's it from me.  I'm off to run some errands, do grocery shopping and then start on the new curtains for my dining room.  Thanks for hopping to my Blog. Please come back to play as I'll have some more crafting fun to share right here. Have a Terrific Thursday!

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