Wednesday, May 29, 2013

My Recycled Tin Cookie Packaging

Good morning Bloglanders

After yesterday's rain, it is a perfect, sunny, autumn day down under and I would rather spend my time out of doors than in front of my computer.  I do have a lot of errands to run and some thank you gifts to deliver.  This is what I'm giving:

I got the idea at a craft fair that I visited a few years ago.  You use an ordinary, empty tin (the ones with tomato puree or sweetcorn), clean it out, make sure the edge is smooth, wrap an old book page around and doll it up with whatever you have available.  The original one that I saw even had a decorated clothes peg added to it.  If you want to add a special tag, it can just be clipped up with the peg.

Inside my tins are bags of homemade cookies and I've decorated them with flags and heart die cuts from my scrap stash. To each flag I added the type of the cookie inside. As easy as that and a lot of recycling done!

That's it.  MY RECYCLED TIN PRESSIE PACKAGING. Thanks for visiting my blog. Please come back as I've got a lot more crafting fun to share right here on Play as U Go. I'm off to enjoy the beautiful sunshine. Have a great day!

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