Monday, August 12, 2013

Meet my new Baby.

Good morning Bloglanders

I hope you had a wonderful weekend and that you are rested and ready for the new week.  As promised - my new baby: HETTE!!

OK, this is a rather long story or maybe I should say this has been coming for a long time. I always said I'll never go digital in die cutting.  Why?? I mostly use scraps for die cutting (and always will) so I'll be a Bugger forever BUT ........................... I totally hate doing alphabets and we don't get nice alphabet stickers down in Sunny SA.

For some time now, I've felt the need to print and cut as all our scrapbook stuff is in English and I'm Afrikaans - I like my titles and journaling prompts to be in my home language.  As easy as that.  I still think I'm wasting paper with the Silhouette but I'm working on that one by die cutting the leftover pieces with my Cuttlebug (as always) and as HETTE cuts are perfectly every time - the negatives are great to use on projects as well. For more than a month, HETTE has been sitting in her box on my desk - I just couldn't gather the courage to start. Last week I finally unpacked her, connected everything and was ready to go.

I've decided to get all my training for free online.  It works but mostly it is video's and if you're new to the Silhouette, a bit fast.  I would like a short, printable tutorial with every video so that you can recap if you get stuck or have to check back. I'm a hard copy and notebook kind of person - IMPERFECT ME!

Another thing that I didn't know - when you buy shapes from the Silhouette online store, it appears like magic in your Silhouette program.  This was a HUGE problem as I use a different computer for my scrapbooking - not connected to the Internet as I try to keep the programs on him to the minimum.  This makes running Photoshop much quicker.  First problem - I have to move the Silhouette software to my "business" computer.  Still not comfortable with that one but for the time being I'll just use free shapes and ones that I do myself. I do have to mention that the software is wonderful - much easier that Photoshop - I nearly committed suicide learning PS!

For those of you who are like me and not sure if Silhouette is the one for you, I have decided to do a HETTE FOR DUMMIES once a week.  I'll try to share with you where I got my shapes, what tutorial I used and maybe, if possible, I will try to do an alternative cutting method.  Then you can see for yourself.

For now, I'm chuffed with my B-Day pressie. Let's make it a date - every Friday I'll do my HETTE post - this will keep me motivated to keep trying and give you a sneak peak into Silhouetting.

That's it from me for today. Have a great week and please come back to play. Later today you can check at Craft Storage Ideas as I'll be over there with a GREAT craft room. Just click here. Thanks for looking at my blog and please come back to play.


  1. Enjoy your prezzie. Nearly thought I missed your birthday! Can't wait to see what you share xsx

  2. Well, I wrote a lengthy dissertation but it seems to have disappeared. I wanted to say thanks for your blog info on the Quickutz Silhouette as I purchased one of these today at my local thrift store for $40.00. I look forward to reading about your weekly experiences and to make some of my own as I learn too. Thanks again!! Blessings to you from Washington State in the good ole USA.