Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Silhouette for a dummy - Waterfall card

Good morning Bloglanders

OK, I said I would keep HETTE for Fridays but I couldn't wait to share my project.  Yes, it's a digital cut of sorts but it went into my PL album and I wanted to share the layout before I forget.

I told you I "invested" in a digital cutter because I'm fed up using English titles and journaling cards as I'm actually Afrikaans.  Surprise, Surprise!!  First one that I did was English!!  I wanted to make a "Summer bucket list" title card for my PL page and so the Afrikaans "SOMER" with the English "bucket list" didn't work for me and I couldn't find a similar word in Afrikaans.

Here is my title card:
As my whole layout was a bit flat, I wanted to add some texture to my page with the title card.  Also, I had a lot of pictures that wasn't included in my page - this waterfall card proved to be the perfect solution. I got the tutorial here and it worked like a charm except for my little holes that vanished every time I "welded". For those of you that are new to electronic cutting (like dummy me) - it is not welding with iron or steel - it is when you group artwork together with a cutting edge around all of them.  My first attempt at making a title was very unsuccessful as I didn't know this, everything fell apart. Note to other dummies: If you start out, this is the first thing you should lean - WELD.

HETTE and I had a bit of a lovers tiff over the title - it wasn't cut as perfect as I wanted it.  I used some older MME paper and it's not that sturdy so maybe that was it.  Have a look here:

The "2", "3" and the "e". Maybe the paper manufacturers can put the cut settings on their papers???????? All and all I would give myself  80% for the finished project and about 20% for the title. Some you win, some you lose.

Here you can see how the card flips up with my bucket list written on the top flap and another pic at the bottom.

And the waterfall in action:

And here is my PL page:
OH!!! I nearly forgot to mention - I got a $10 gift card with my Silhouette - it's great to buy a few goodies to get you going.  Also, on the blog is some great freebies and they have a weekly bundle at a discounted rate. Well worth checking out. Just click here.

That's it from me. Thanks for visiting my blog today. Have a great day and please come back to play.

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