Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Cutting Cookies

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NO!!! Not with my new Silhouette!!  I hope you are well and today we will skip back to one of my previous posts. Remember this one? Here is the link is you want to check back.

They are my family's firm fave and I love to bake them at any occasion.  Don't they look festive to you?  I always use the same recipe but since girlfriend #1, the Princess is wheat intolerant, I adapted the recipe and it tastes even better. 

This is a very old South African recipe. It was named after General Hertzog who was the prime minister from 1924 to 1939. My original recipe came from Annette Human's "Huisgenoot Wenresepte 2" but please, .......... don't blame her, I did adapt mine!

Want to make them yourself?  Here is my adapted recipe.

For the Dough:
250 g of  Flour (I use a shop bought gluten free pre mix)
25 g of Castor Sugar
10 ml Baking powder
1 ml Salt
125 g of Butter / Margarine (room temperature)
3 Egg yolks (extra large eggs; keep the whites for the filling)

I blend everything together in my food processor.
Add 30 ml ice water and pulse until it starts to form a ball. 
Put the dough in a plastic bag and leave to rest for about an hour. 

Roll out the dough (about 3 mm).
Cut into 8cm circles and put into cupcake tins (the flatter ones)
Use the scraps, form into a ball and roll out again - it works fine for me.
Add half a teaspoon of apricot jam to each and then put in the freezer until the filling is done.

For the Topping:
6 Egg whites (use the 3 left from the dough)
500 g Sugar
320 g Desiccated Coconut

Beat the egg whites until stiff. (like meringue) 
Add the sugar gradually.
Add the Coconut and mix.

Just spread your topping (it's sort of like a coconut meringue) over your dough and jam. I use about a tablespoon per cookie as I love lots of it.
Make sure the jam doesn't peek out - push the topping to the dough with your finger otherwise the jam will cook out.

Now bake for 20-25 minutes at 180˚C (350˚F).
Leave to cool in the pans.
Take out and ENJOY!

With 3 family birthdays within half a month, I'm baking my 3rd batch today.

OH!!! Before I forget - I get 48 cookies from the recipe.

I'm off to the kitchen. Thanks for looking at my blog today - I'll probably take some more pictures and add them to my post.  If you would like to have a look, please check back.

Have a great day!

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