Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Hi there Bloglanders

I've got a layout (and story) to share with you today. Please don't run away as I know that you think layouts are boring.  The story will make up for it. This is a very old layout of me at 16 and my dog Napoleon.

One of my classmates gave him to me and I loved him to bits. I'm a BIG animal lover!  Now you may wonder why I captured my post "DAD". Well, when Napoleon was quite small he was run over by a car on our farm and in those days (30 years ago) the nearest vet to us was 200 kilometres away and animals that got hurt, were just put down. But this time my dad said he will drive Napoleon and me to the vet himself!

To shorten a long story - Napoleon had a hip replacement, stayed with the vet in Piketberg for almost 3 months and I think my dad nearly had to sell his farm to foot the bill.  My dad even drove me to Piketberg once a month to visit my dog! Isn't this a nice Father's day story?

Actually, I totally forgot about this and when a friends DD's (darling daughters) got a Boarder Collie pup, out came the album and I revisited the layout and the memory. So, Isabella and Victoria - I hope you enjoy the story.

Napoleon returned to spend many, many happy years on the farm and I even went off to university, got married and started living on a farm myself but by that time my parents didn't want to give him up and he got very attached to them.

Now,  for my Afrikaans speaking Bloglanders (and I'll try to explain to my other readers but I think the story will lose some of it's humor).  The workers on our farm thought that the name "Napoleon" was Napole hond (hond is Afrikaans for dog).  They have never heard of anyone being called Napoleon and it made sense to them this way. I think it is SO quite and it got included in my journaling on this layout in my high school album.

Not too bad for a layout?  We will try it some more. Have a great day!

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  1. You won't believe this, but Duke was actually run over by me {a mistake of course, a bad one} and had to have surgery on his hip as well. What a way for a story to connect us even more. I'll share this with the girls when they return from school and I just know they're going to fall in love with that "puppy" in your layout and want him for themselves.