Monday, June 4, 2012

Happy 50th Anniversary

Good morning Bloglanders

Another week to have heaps of crafty fun!  I'm hosting a girly birthday party on Friday and will keep you up to date with the things we are going to make.

Remember that my mum and dad celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary a while ago?  Well, the pictures were floating around on my craft desk as I couldn't decide what to do with them.  Mom and Dad downscaled earlier this year and they really don't have any extra storage space. So I did a mini book for her and my set of pictures were used in a layout. My blog stats show that you don't like layouts so I'll share the mini book first (but as this is my blog, I'm sharing the layout another time because I just love it).

And this is what the inside looks like:

Once again, the pictures were horrible as I didn't take my camera!!  My cellphone had to do and I'm not proud of the result but as this was such a milestone I did my best to make something of them.  I converted the pictures to "Polaroids" in Photoshop and as they are rather small, they actually look good on the layout and in the mini book.

The book is small enough to be used as a bookmark in my mother's bible. On the back of the pictures, I used blue ledger paper and I kept it open for my mum to writer her own comments.

That's it! Back to the office I go. Have a great day and please check back to share some crafty fun.

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