Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Year in review file

Hi there Bloglanders

It seems that everyone is doing "year in review" albums and I've seriously considered it but I'm still at my "A5 Smash File".  The reason: I just love to keep junk and I don't want to cut it up to paste in an album. I just fold the page and in it goes.  Today I'm showing how I add my mini albums to the file.

Remember my mum and dad's 50the anniversary mini album?

I actually kept the envelope for something that was written on the other side and it formed a nice pocket on this side where I did my Easter journaling.

Here I adapted a page protector  by sealing if off with one of those machine which re-seals plastic bags ( I have a very, very, very old one but it still works.  I sewed the business card of the place we visited directly onto the altered page protector.

And this is where I added the mini book to my memorabilia of the camping weekend:

And here you can see the whole lot in my Smash File:

At the end of the year the whole file goes onto my bookshelves and when I have to look something up, it is easy to retrieve.  I don't even buy A5 files (they are very hard to get in sunny SA and EXPENSIVE!) - I just cut an old office file to size with my craft knife and cover it with fabric or paper whichever is the flavor of my month.

I hope you enjoyed this peek into my "year in review".  Please come back to play and I'll share some more craftiness right here on Play as U Go.

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