Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Father's Day 2011

Hi there Bloglanders

Did you think I got the date wrong?  Of course not!  I only wanted to show you what my Father's Day project for my husband looked like last year.  Yesterday I mentioned that I hand out journaling cards to the boys, the girlfriends and even the pets (actually their owners) to fill in.  All these go into a "mini file" and that's our Father's Day gift.  Of course we do a special lunch or dinner as well but nothing elaborate.

This is the front of the "mini file":

And the back:

(just to show that it's custom made for him!)

And inside:

You can see that the file actually consist out of a cover and some cellophane envelopes all bound together with a file clasp. (or whatever it is called) All the tags then just slot into the open envelopes.

And packed for delivery:

That's it from me.  It's nice and sunny outside and I think I'll have a stroll around town today.  Please check back tomorrow as I'm thinking up a storm for an original way to present this year's Father's Day cards. Of course I'll share with you!

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