Friday, September 13, 2013

Kammieskroon Layout.

Hi there Bloglanders.

Happy Friday the 13th!  I hope you are not superstitious and if you are .......................... rather stay in bed or maybe not ................... stats show that most people actually die in bed. (This sounds awful to a sleepyhead like me, but you get my drift ................)

Today I have a layout to share.  Oh, I can hear your sigh!! I know you love my hybrid posts but I just don't get page views for my layouts.  So today, I brought a bit of info to share - maybe that would interest you. (and get my views up)  First my layout:

I grew up on a farm in Namakwaland.  It's a very dry, rural area roughly  400-800 kilometres north of Cape Town.  Most of the time it is dry, dry, dry with almost nothing in sight but during spring it is colored in all the shades of the rainbow. Hundreds of wild flowers spring up from nowhere. This doesn't even happen every year. If the winter rains doesn't come early / late / enough - no flowers!!

Wynand and I took these pictures during a trip in 2011 near Kammieskroon.  To give you an idea of the size of the town, I asked my friend Google what the population is. 893!!!!!! I can tell you this - if there were wineries in Kammieskroon, that would be the place for me. Now you know that not a lot of people live in Namakwaland but a fun fact that I stumbled upon as well is that 95% of the residents speak Afrikaans.  You see why I'm immigrating to Kammieskroon? (Hope they have internet access to enable you to tag along.)

I'm off to work on my PL. Yeah, know you don't like that either BUT I'll be back and this time I promise ........................... some more hybrid crafting for you.  Thanks for looking at my blog today and please check back as I have loads more to share right here.

Have a great weekend!

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