Monday, September 16, 2013

Mini in the Making - 50 Things about ME.

Good morning Bloglanders

I hope you are well and had a wonderful weekend. We had a HUGE scare - a drunk driver drove into Pieter's girlfriend and her car is a total wreck. Except for a LOT of bruises, our Princess is fine. Worse part is that she was in a similar accident about a month ago and this was her brand new car. Only 1000 kilometers on the clock. Here is a picture ............................ see what I mean?

I did get some crafting done. Here is my mini in the making:

These will become my mini's front and back pages. I haven't decided yet.  My idea is to write down 50 things that most people might not know about me.  OK, I'll tell you one ........................... I just love chili sauce ......................... not any chilly sauce ........................ the Tabasco Chipotle one.  And another  ....................... I kick off my shoes anywhere / everywhere / all the time.  For as long as I can remember I've been doing this. Weird, isn't it?  IMPERFECT ME. I'm sure you have things like these and if you have, why not join me with a "mini in the making"?

This is what I do. I've pre printed journaling cards from the Becky Higgins Flea Market set.  I do love them.

When I get the time, I write something down, cut it to size and it goes onto an old Creative Memories journaling card. I've got stacks of these from when CM first left Sunny SA and all the stock was sold at huge discount prices. The journaling cards will just give that bit of extra dimension and sturdiness to my mini. Here is my stack:

And these have been done:

For my non South African Bloglanders. I don't sew on a Sunday. (no reason for that but I don't) and my fave flowers are Daffodils for the garden and Freesias for the vase.

Now back to my covers. I used 4 pieces of 4x6 cardstock scraps from my stash to die cut into my title and different shapes. With my Silhouette it took a few minutes and I have heaps of shapes.  I'll take a pic and show just how many you can get from just one 12 x 12 sheet. My Silhouette has a brand new cutting mat so I just added my different paper pieces and only did one cut.  You just have to keep in mind that you have different pieces of paper when you do your layout in Silhouette Studio. Even for a Dummy like me it was easy peasy.

I have done front and back cover pages - as I had all the negative shapes left after my front was done, I decided to use them on another page.  Now I can't decide which one I like best. The original or the negative side.  No need to choose, I'll just use both.

That's it from me. I'm off to write something in my "mini in the making" - just remembered that I don't like condensed milk. Thanks for looking at my blog today. Please check back as I have lots more to share. Have a Marvellous Monday!


PS. Just remembered .......................... another one for my book. I don't "re read" my blog posts for mistakes / alterations. For this one I've got a reason -  If I do  I'll never publish it because I'll start re writing and doubting everything so I just hit the "Publish" button once I'm done.


  1. Ja, was nie ons maand vir karre nie - iemand het selfs my Titanic probeer steel!!! Gelukkig is ons nog almal springlewendig en gesond. Baie om voor dankbaar te wees.