Monday, September 9, 2013

My 2013 Diary.

Hallo Bloglanders.

I'm back at home with lots and lots and lots of  laundry. Admin up to the roof and errands to run. Still, the getaway was great but it's even greater to be back home in my own bed. To top it all - it is a beautiful, sunny day in Sunny SA!

Today I'm sharing my 2013 dairy.  Can you believe that we only have three and a half months left of 2013? Before I start on 2014 version, I took pics to show the current one.  Here we go: The closed-up version.

And in action:

And the front and back cover pages:

I use monthly journaling cards to keep track of all the month's activities. It's from Monika Wright's "iLoveitall" Etsy shop and she graciously adapted the size for me to fit my shop bought diary pages.

Here is a sneak peak of the inside:
You can see that I buy A6 refill diary pages, add the monthly journaling cards and then everything is "Zuttered" together.  This works very well for me as I fold the book back with just the day's page open.  I keep in together with some elastic finished off with a felt butterfly and button.

For the covers I've used cream fabric, a bit of fabric dye sprayed on, die cut letters and some stamping. Sewn around the edges and it's done.

Now I will have to start thinking about an idea for 2014. The inside will definitely stay the same - the size and format works for me but I like to try something new every year for the covers. Watch this space!

That's if from me. I'm off to get all my chores done. Have a great day and thanks for hopping onto my blog today.


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