Friday, September 20, 2013

Mini Album with Big Picture Classes

Hi  there Bloglanders

I was sorting through my crafting projects looking for new ideas and inspiration when I came upon this little gem:

I actually made this in 2011 well before I became a Bloglander - it was part of a series done by Big Picture classes. I think it was free and you received a prompt from a different designer for 10 consecutive days and had to portray your take on it.  I really enjoyed it and now I have this mini book to show off.  

Here are my pics of the front and back of my book:

It is a post bound album and I've covered it in vintage fabric. On the front I've got all the words that were part of the prompts.  I made the artwork myself, flipped it,  printed onto heat transfer paper and ironed it onto natural canvas.

And  here is one of the inside pages:

Next week I'll show the rest.  This was my first attempt at Photoshop and I actually used photos for my background - just downed the transparency. On the right I added a quote and to the left I translated the prompt into Afrikaans, French and German (and of course the original - English).

I kept the layout standard through the whole album which saved on time and made the feeling more cohesive. Even 2 years later, I love the look and couldn't believe how well I fared as a PS novice.  

That's it. I'm slip covering my living room chairs this weekend and want to get the cutting done this afternoon. Yes, I will show once it's done. And I'll be back to show the rest of this "Words I live by" mini book next week. Thanks for looking at my blog today and keep safe until we meet again.


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