Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Sew with Twine.

Good morning Bloglanders.

Once again, I'm having a wonderful blogging month ............................ all thanks to you checking out my posts!! To tell you the truth, a lot of times you wonder if anyone out there are reading your posts and then you have a month like this and you know it's worthwhile.

I'm a rather sensitive soul and get depressed quite easily.  When my cat died last year, I just wanted to stay in bed and cry but when I checked my email .............................. there were lots of  Blogland friends letting me know that they care and miss me. It got me right back into thinking up creative ideas to share with you.

Today, I'm sharing a project I made for The Twinery's challenge:

When I saw their inspiration, I thought - this one is not for me but over the weekend I saw that my BF Marelize's DD's (she's got 3) have their names on their pillowcases. You know kids travel with their pillows to snooze during the trip???? I only have white pillowcases and it it always a mission to get the right pillow to the right person. You can even spoil Wynand's day if his pillow accidently gets mixed up with the rest. Have a look at The Twinery's inspiration:

I think I'm the only Bloglander thinking of sewing the minute I see Twine!! Anyway, it doesn't matter - just looking at Twine inspires me. And as close-up:
For my "sewing with Twine" I've used Blossom, Pink Sorbet and Solid Pink Sorbet. The solid colors really works very well for sewing, knitting and crochet.  Just goes to show - you don't have to use your twine only for wrapping pressies. You don't have to do pillowcases - bags for shoes or laundry will work just as good - I always put my coat in a bag behind the seat when we go on holiday. Then, if it gets cold, out it comes and I don't have to unpack my whole suitcase - nice, tidy and clean as well.

That's it. I'm doing one for myself in my fave color - purple.  Have a great day and thanks for looking at my blog today. Please check back as I have lots more to share right here.


PS. Marelize's youngest daughter is Alexa - lucky me ........ getting inspiration and a "X" from the same source!!

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