Thursday, April 11, 2013

Don't look for the rocks on my road

Hi there Bloglanders

A layout to share?? NO.  I'm sharing the story behind the layout.  My fellow South Africans can read it on the layout but as I have a lot more non-South African readers now, I will translate. First of all - this is a very, very old layout and it still hangs above my desk. Wanna know why? To remind me to let the boys be boys (more like men be men).  

As Pieter grew up as an only child (Wernich joined our family  when they were about 13 years old), I was very, very protective of him.  I  used to warn him about things all the time - didn't want him to ride his bike alone, swim alone or go near unfamiliar dogs / people, the list can go on forever. 

One day (he was about 7 years old), he came running into the house - super excited and screaming "I've hurt my toe, I've hurt my toe, I've hurt my toe". I asked "didn't you look in front of you?" and he replied "no, and I've always wanted a  plaster on my toe like all my friends have but I never get one because you always look for the stones on my path."  That day I decided to let him BE!

It is hard and after nearly 20 years I still struggle with it but as both the boys are all grown up, I give my opinion and then tell them to decide what's right for them. I hope that if they are sorry for things that they have done, it will be their own doing and not me looking out for the stones on their paths.

That's it. I hope you have enjoyed my story. I'll be back with some crafting fun tomorrow.  I will give you a hint - I'm coloring some paper doilies but I don't own any mists so I've come up with a workable alternative. Please check back and all will be revealed.

Have a great day and thanks for visiting my blog.

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