Friday, April 19, 2013

Over at Craft Storage Ideas

Hi there Bloglanders

Today I'm over at Craft Storage Ideas with my solution to preserving memories - Project Life!!  Those of you who have been regulars at Play as U Go might remember that I really didn't want to convert to this BUT in the end my family made me change my mind. Read all about it (and more) over at Craft Storage Ideas.

OK, I know some of you don't like to be redirected but it is easy and it will be worth your while. I promise!! Just click on the word "link" below and you will be redirected.


A lot of you might be laughing but I had a very, very old friend of my mum who called me up to tell me - please write everything in your post - I don't get this "link thing". I didn't even know that she owned a computer!! I'm still grateful that she reads my blog and will try redirecting her with these red links. To those of you who do the "link thing" humor me and click on the red LINK.

Have a Fabulous Friday and enjoy the weekend. I'll be back to share some more of my crafting fun right here on Play as U Go. Please come back to play.

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