Thursday, April 25, 2013

Knit with Rope

Good morning Bloglanders

I totally forgot to put my post up yesterday!! I'm making new curtains for my house and it's true - time flies when you're having fun. (Curtains aren't really fun but they are time consuming!) So, as promised, I'm here to show you what I've made by knitting with rope.  I'm sure you still remember - I don't knit!!

My mum (she doesn't knit either!) read in a magazine that you can knit the most beautiful place mats using ordinary rope. So, (as always) she commissioned me to get the rope for her.  I got it from my local hardware store - they don't all stock the thick one (and that's the one that mum wanted) but eventually I tracked it down and bought it for her.  End of story?  Never! Mum knitted only one  row and decided it is too difficult. As the rope was very expensive, I decided I'll give it a go.  Pot stands are not that big and I do use them a lot so I decided rather to start small and later expand my repertoire. Mum was right, it is difficult but I managed to do three so far and plan to do two more. That would cover my pots and use up all the (expensive) rope. Want to see?
My beautiful purple pot on my hand knitted rope pot stand!

And this is what the work in progress looks like:

I'm glad I persevered but it is not the easiest task that I've tackled and it you cherish your nails, I would recommend that you don't even start. I even looked up "knit with rope" on Google and this is a few of the projects that I found:

The shoes looks more like macrame - maybe that's doable but the rest NO, NO, NO!! Maybe I'm using the wrong kind of rope????

This picture came up on my Google search:

Now you (and I know) why it is filed under "knit with rope"!!

That's it from me. Back to the curtains. Thanks for looking at my Blog and please check back as I have a lot more crafting projects to share with you. Have a great day!

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