Thursday, April 4, 2013

I did it .................. My Way: Travel Tote

Hi there Bloglanders

And as promised: The Big Brother:

You still remember this one that I've made???? 

The mini version. If you missed it,  just click here to share in the fun. Well, I needed a bigger one for bigger things! And that is why I made the Big Brother.  I've been using it since January and this is what I've done with it:

Whenever I travel, I take this with:

And to zuss that boring outfit up:

And if I will be scrapping:

Even cutlery to camp or picnic:

This tote closes with Velcro and therefore I have two strips at the back when it is opened up.  I've added a strip to my suitcase, to my cupboard door and to our camping table. When I want the stuff out, I unroll the tote, stick it onto the Velcro and it is visible and ready to use at a glance.

Once again, I've used Ziplock bags as I wanted something clear and cheap. The size isn't custom - just bought what's available and trimmed them to fit my tote. Easy Peasy!

That's a wrap!  Something I've made to suit my needs and lifestyle.  I hope you enjoyed my solution to travelling light and in style.  Have a Terrific Thursday and please come back to play.

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