Saturday, April 13, 2013

Girly Layout

Good morning Bloglanders

As promised:  My secret weapon for making a washed out girly layout!  It actually didn't start out as a layout. I had to do some party favors for a stork tea and as I didn't know if it was a boy or a girl, I decided to do paper doilies in yellow, pink and blue to pretty up my white party bags. No buying custom made when I have a stash of white ones in my cake decorating box. (I don't do cake decorating, but I'm going to try - one day!) Only one problem, I don't own any color sprays or mists and the only ink that I have is black!

First up: My layout:

And a bit closer:

AND my inspiration came from this Page Map:

I don't normally do circles so when I saw this sketch, I immediately thought about my colored doilies and the rest is history. Want to hop over to PageMaps to see for yourself? Just click here.

Now back to the beginning.  I keep about 6 shades of  fabric dye as I do a lot of sewing and sometimes (actually, a lot of times) I can't get lace or trim to fit my project and I dye it. I only make up about a quarter of a cup at a time as my projects mostly are rather small.  So, I poured the dye into spray bottles, diluted to where I wanted the washed out color to be and ta da:

If you want to try as well: I used 1 teaspoon of dye powder in a quarter of a cup of boiling water, stirred until dissolved, cooled it down, diluted where necessary and poured it into spray bottles.

Here you can see my stash:

The best part: dye is cheap and readily available everywhere in Sunny SA.  I will be buying a few more colors and use it on other projects as well.

That's it. Something ordinary used in an extraordinary way! I'm off to finish my stork tea party favors. Thanks for visiting my blog and please come back to play as I'll have some more crafting fun right here to share. Have a great weekend!

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