Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Christmas 2010 Layout

Hi there Bloglanders

It's Tuesday and I'm here to share my Christmas 2010 layout with you. No, I haven't lost it!! I have a very specific system for scrapping my photos and when I looked something up in my 2010 album, I noticed that I didn't scrap the Christmas day lunch at Girlfriend #2 and her family.

Worse things have happened to me so I just got it done. Here it is:

I'm SO glad I did it because at the time I didn't notice but the two pictures on the left hand page were taken 1 second apart!!! One moment we were all smiling for the camera and the next we were eating away.  We must have been very, very hungry - not that our figures look like starved people at all. For my English speaking Bloglanders: my title is something like "ready, steady, eat".

I have used some of my goodies from the Simple Stories SNAP line. I love the stickers and the papers matched so well with Chandre's T-shirt.

The little boy in the pictures is Kyle. I made customised playing cards for him - remember? It looks like this:

Missed it?  Click here to see.

He is the only "grandchild" in both our families and all the women adore him and the men ................... I think they all turn 5 again when he is around. When his playschool has a function, we all attend and he has a whole row of adults cheering him on. Not normal? Probably not but my son Pieter grew up like that and he turned out fine.  His only problem is that he doesn't like Christmas. Why not?? When he was small we didn't get a Christmas father because it was only him and when he was all grown up he had to que for his presents together with cousins aged 5 and below. I can't say that I blame him.

There you have it - it is never too late to get it done.  And, maybe if you do it, you will notice something that you didn't see before. It made my day and I had a lot of happy thoughts about Kyle, Pieter and family from days gone bye.

That's it from me. Thanks for visiting my blog.  I'll be back tomorrow to share some more crafting fun. Wednesday is my Hybrid day and I've knitted some pot stands to show you. (You remember - I don't knit?????)  I'll show you what I did in tomorrow's post. Have a Terrific Tuesday.

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