Monday, April 1, 2013

Girlfriend # 2 and The Play Date Cafe

Good day Bloglanders

I hope you are having a Marvellous Monday.  We have a super long weekend in Sunny SA and I've been very, very busy.  I started on the house!!  Just moving furniture around and making plans but the fabric for my craft closet's blind is out and I want it to be up and done by the weekend. Can't wait to start sharing!

But, more important than the house, is the people who live here.  Wernich is home for the university holidays and tomorrow is his girlfriend's 25th birthday.  I'm not expecting another engagement but they are very, very serious about each other and it is definitely coming.  Once again, Chandre is not girlfriend #2 because I like her less - they got numbered by age and as they are very different, I love them both.

I never give big presents but I try to find something that they need, wrap it beautifully and add a handmade card.  I've told you before - I'm not a stamper and I only own about 5 Copic markers (I even share them with my architect son) but I love to make cards and tags and write on the back "handmade especially for you by Hazel". To me, handmade presents, cards and tags are the ultimate - just makes me smile.

So, I made these cards - the one on the left will be used for the birthday girl.

I bought the stamps because it looks like Chandre (girlfriend #2)  and Lizahn (girlfriend #1).  Even the pets are perfect - Chandre loves dogs and Lizahn rabbits.

Just look at this picture of  Lizahn:

I'm not joking or imagining things!

I'm entering The Play Date Cafe challenge - here is the mood board:

I love the colours - a real spring feeling - even though we are having fall in Sunny SA! Lucky for us, temperatures are mild most of the time and even in winter we don't get snow - houses are without central heating and I don't even own an umbrella!! Now that's something to get excited about.

That's it from me. I'm off to my sewing table to start on the blind for my craft closet.  Before you leave blogland, hop over to The Play Date Cafe and say hi. Just click here to be redirected. Enjoy the rest of your day and please come back to play.

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