Sunday, July 27, 2014

"Scrap-a-Doodles Design Team 2014 Audition"

Hello Bloglanders

For those of you waiting for my Sunday Summary - it will be up later. First the admin.  As you see in my post title I've decided to audition for the design team of my favourite craft shop, Scrap-a-Doodles and as part of the criteria, I have to post projects that I've created. Not an easy task ........................... it's like choosing between your children!!

The good thing about this is that you get to revisit projects from the past - I loved every minute of it and decided to choose a few in each category and give you links that you can follow to see the inside info.

As you know I do the usual stuff but my forte is thinking up new projects to try out with the tools and stash I have on  hand. That's why My first category is

"Try something new": 

April showers bring spring flowers. I used twine to knit a rainbow bookmark and added stamped die cuts from craft foam.

#2: Recycle, reuse and use what you've got:

I love this wreath!! U used a Spellbinders die to punch out "Christmassy" shapes from scraps of fabric and felt.  For the dolls hair I used pot scroungers.

And the runners-up in my "use what you've got category:

#3: Mini Books:

This whole mini book is made from only one A4 sheet of paper. I've added it to a Project Life Layout and it looks great.

And the runners-up in my mini book category:

#4: Layouts:

This one is hot off my craft table. I'll post the inside info later this week so, keep checking back!

Acrylic paint, die cuts, stencil and DIY glitter foam letters. 

And the runners-up in my layout category:

Layout links1. Fish and Chips2. I love the sea3. My Cat4. I love you

#5: Project Life:

                      Waterfall Project Life card made to add more pictures to a layout.

And the runners-up in my Project Life category:
Project Life links1. Calender2. Wedded Bliss3. April4. Mandela

#6: Cards:

I love to give personalized cards. Most of the time it turns into a mini mini book / maxi card.

        I'm sharing a cat with my neighbours and made this maxi card with pictures to thank them.

And the runners-up in my card category:

There you have it - my crafting repertoire in 1 post! Thanks for visiting my blog today and please check back as I have lots more to share right here on Play as U Go.

PS. Remember to try something new - TODAY!!

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