Friday, February 24, 2012

Another layout

Hi there bloglanders

In South Africa it is finally weekend!! Nothing like a Friday evening.  I'm still trying to get my work up to date and will probably spend a few hours over the weekend in front of my computer but hopefully I will have less housework and meals to prepare and some time left to do some crafting.

There was a page map at Write.Click.Scrapbook yesterday and even though I didn't have time to submit my take on it, I loved the layout so much that I decided to give it a try.

Here is the sketch:

And my take on it:

And the story:
My mom and dad moved into a smaller home last week and she had to take a lot of pictures out of frames as they just don't have enough wall space to put everything up again.  I volunteered to put them into an album for her.  As they are mostly originals (some 70+ years old!) I'm using them as they are.  This one had a huge water stain in the top left hand corner and I positioned the journaling tag over it.  I added a small glassine envelope with a tag to the right of the layout.  This is where my mom can add her journaling. Nothing special but I love the layout so much that I'm going to duplicate it for my own album.  FYI it's me on the right!

You will also see that I stamped the sentiment three times on the journaling card. Actually, my first attempt had some letters missing, the second moved and I finally got it right with the third attempt.  Normally I would redo it but this time I decided to leave it as it makes a fun story about my progress as a stamper. (and there I was thinking that I'm getting better!)

That's it from me. Have a wonderful weekend and please come back to play!

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