Thursday, February 2, 2012

Playing with my sewing machine

Hi there bloglanders

Once again I'm going away for the rest of the week and the weekend therefore no blogging for the next three days. Last week I  promised to share the smocked dress I made for my friend's little niece.  About 2 years I did one for the older sister, Ann Margaret and when Sam was born  late last year she asked me to do another one. We wanted it to look similar but also different.

Above you can see Ann Margaret and below is the one I made for Samantha.  Sorry about the poor picture quality but it was taken late at night as the dress was delivered early the next morning. 

Ann Margaret's dress had a pink tint and I used a light cream lace with it and Sam's material was more coffee colored with a darker lace. I had a great time playing with some material and my sewing machine this time round.  I think I will start immediately on some smocking for one to sell in my etsy shop. 

Next time I will share Valentine's day mini books that I'm going to make for my friend's darling daughters. Once again, I'm using paper scraps and I think it will keep them busy up to the 14th of February writing love notes to family and friends. Please come back to play, I love playmates!

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  1. You are amazingly talented...these dresses are works of he{art}!