Thursday, February 9, 2012

On the go

Hi there bloglanders

Who doesn't like traveling and exploring new places? As South Africa is so far from everything, we do that a lot - travel locally as well as abroad - for business and pleasure. Half the pleasure comes from planning the trip and the rest from the actual one and today I'm sharing with you a way to get extra mileage out of it.

During a trip I keep notes of people who shared in the fun, the birds, animals and trees we've seen and keep it in a pre-made notebook. Once home, I add pictures and I have a mini book for the "travel basket" on my coffee table. Whenever I have time, I will page through one and relive the good times. Even friends come over and ask if there is a new trip in the basket.

The one I'm showing today was a camping trip to the Orange River.  Lovely friends, sunshine and lots of fun. I even included some of the jokes we shared and every time I page through it makes me smile. 

To me it is not only the opportunity to enjoy things but also the good (sometimes even bad) memories that makes you smile afterwards that makes life good. My grandma used to say that there is something good in everything and this is one of the "words I live by". Someday I will share the "words I live by" (yes, I keep them in a journal) but it's in Afrikaans and a lot of my "bloglanders" won't understand so I'll have to start on a translated version. So much to do, places to go, people to meet!  Thank you for coming to play. Please check back tomorrow as I'll be sharing a tag for my Christmas present stash.

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