Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Be my Valentine

Hi there bloglanders

As promised I want to show you a project I did as a present for my husband.  I’m not a big fan of occasions like these and never spend money on it. However, I really make an effort to reuse, recycle or re purpose to make sure my family knows that they are special. 

(Sorry about the picture quality as I took the photo with the accetate sheet that I put in front for protection)

My husband and I have been married for 25 years last December and I made a mini book with 25 reasons why I still love him.  No long descriptions, pictures or quotes – only a few words, 25 numbers and left over paper from a scrapbook kit I used for another project. When I have used all my patterned leftovers, I just continued with white index cards (more than 10 years old), graph paper and cardstock. I used my Zutter to bind it all together. 

I didn’t even wrap the present, just tied some maraschino twine from The Twinery around a glassine envelope, and added a tag, a heart and a “happy anniversary” sentiment.  It was so easy to make and I love the result. Normally my husband will recycle all his stuff back to my filing system but not his one – it is sitting on the shelf above the computer in his office!!!

I specifically started February with this idea as you still have 14 days to think of reasons why you love somebody.  You can even write it down in a shop bought notebook – it will still be special to the recipient. Even a card with a list will do. What about asking the rest of the family to add to the list?  So, go on and make that somebody special happy.

PS. I can't put the PS last as I haven't figured out how to make the signature smaller. Anyway, I wanted to post some of the inside pages as well but my friend Blogger got her nickers in a knot and turned it upside down. As I don't want you to do a headstand in front of you computer, I removed them. She's not a very nice playmate! If any one of you know her better, please let me know how to rotate my image in Blogger.

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